Thursday, August 7, 2008

On the lighter side

I have decided that being on a diet stinks. No really, it's true. I have struggled with weight for, oh, pretty much my whole life and it seems like every year I try to lose some weight (all to varying degrees of success). I have found that the all-time best diet is the breastfeeding diet. Did you know that most women burn around 500 calories a day when nursing an infant? What a wonderful bonus God gave us ladies when we decide to gladly sacrifice so much time and energy to our little ones.

Well, unfortunately for me, that gravy-train is over. I have weaned my last baby and, not only am I a little misty-eyed that this precious time has passed, but now I find myself having to really watch what I eat again (Chocolate Ice Box Pie aside, of course). Sigh.

I just wanted to share a quick and easy recipe for a healthy and tasty salad that is, for me, a perennial go-to diet food. It's from the South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook (there are some really tasty and easy recipes in here, I highly recommend it). I made it the other day but, since I was so friggin hungry, I didn't take a picture and just dug right in. You can get the recipe here. For more of a light dinner, I have increased the olive oil, vinegar and oregano and added pasta. And yes, the kids liked it too. It's also great for summertime potlucks because there's no mayo.

I'd love to hear what your go-to diet food is - it's always nice to share the food love!

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klynch said...

oo that would have been good for the family reunion I was just at were they had nthign but mayo salads everywhere!!