Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'll miss you, summer berries

Well, I barely squeezed this post in on the last day of summer. On the one hand, I am happy that fall will be here tomorrow - backyard bonfires, a little chill in the air, soups, little kids dressed up in their Halloween finery, Thanksgiving. On the other hand, I will miss the warm, lazy days we've enjoyed these last three months.

We had a wonderful summer, filled with long vacations (the pools, the beaches!) and lots of visits with family and friends. Here in the midwest, the weather has been absolutely delightful. And the berries.....oh my. I hope to enjoy them for a couple of more weeks (still haven't made a berry shortcake yet) but then, alas, we'll all have to wait 'til next year to truly enjoy their deliciously plump sweetness. sigh.

All the berries have been great this year, and the blueberries here have been especially good. I made these Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins from for my fifth grade Sunday School class. The blueberries were just bursting throughout these and the kids really enjoyed them.

It was actually was pretty funny - the girls daintily ate one each and watched aghast as each of the boys ate three of these, and then asked for more! I just had to smile - I've got two little growing boys of my own and some days they can put away such a huge amount of food for their relative size that the hubby and I seriously wonder how we'll afford to feed them when they're teenagers. Second mortgage? Just plain scary.

Hope you all get to try these muffins, they are really delicious - moist inside and the sugar on top made for a really nice crunch.

Please let me know if you've got any really good berry recipes for me to enjoy before berry season's gone for 8 months!


Cathy said...

Yum! I must make these -- my hubs is a huge blueberry muffin fan, and even my kids will eat them! You know, my mother-in-law has painted a frightening picture of the amount of food a teenage boy will consume (she raised two of them). I only have one little boy, and he is just 6 and a picky eater, so it is hard to imagine him eating me out of house and home, but my MIL swears that that day will come. With muffins that look like these, that day may come sooner rather than later!

Flourchild said...

Oh your muffins look so wonderful. I hear you on the long lazy days of summer and all the wonderful trips and fun we had with our families. I have tucked them all away in my heart. I just love blueberries and eat them every morning on my oatmeal. I sooo miss the fresh Im down to the frozen ones..they just don't cut it!