Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TWD: Thanksgiving Twofer Pie

If you're short on time this Thanksgiving (and really, who isn't), this pie may be just the thing for you - two pies for the price of one! This week's recipe was selected by Vibi of La casserole carrée (another French-Canadian blog! Don't worry about trying to read it with your high-school-French-class-only-level French language abilities, she's got Google Translate) - thanks for choosing such a perfect recipe for this week Vibi!

It's very easy to put together, especially if you buy a Pillsbury ready to use pie crust. Yep, that's right - I pulled a Sandra Lee and I used a store-bought pie crusts to make my "semi-homemade" twofer pies. For those of you who know me, you know what a monumental announcement this is - I never, ever, under almost any circumstance use refrigerated pie dough. You see, I am a bit particular when it comes to pie crusts because they are my favorite part of the pie. My husband calls me a food snob, whatever. I prefer to think of myself as highly selective - I just know what I like, and homemade pie crust is, IMHO the only way to go. With a single exception - time. Or, more specifically, the lack there of. I don't mean to keep harping on this, because I know everyone is busy, but (as usual) I have over-committed and have just simply started to run out of time. I think I have the word "sucker" tattooed across my forehead, so please do me a favor and don't ask me to sign up to help with anything because I am just incapable of saying no.

At any rate, I ended up making two of these twofer pies for my church bake sale a week or so ago. Unfortunately, this meant that I personally don't know how they tasted, but I was told that they sold right away and the Women's Club earned some money for them, so I'm happy with that. I sure hope whoever bought them enjoyed them!
Here's my little 3 year old helping with the pumpkin pie part of the recipe (as a side note - don't you love all that stuff all over the counter - I'm surprised I found room for the dang food processor!).

The recipe calls for mixing the ingredients for the pecan pie filling together, then spinkling the pecans on the pumpkin layer already in the pie pan and then pouring the filling on last. I messed up and mixed the pecans in with the filling and just spread it over the pumkin - turned out just fine.

The final product:

Can't wait to hear how the other TWD bakers liked this pie - you can check them out here.

Lots and lots of cookies are scheduled for next month, including Linzer Sables which are on tap for next Tuesday!


vibi said...

Thank you so, so much Laura, for participating with me this week!
Your intro was a very sweet thought! ...I can't thank you enough again, for that!
I'm so sorry you didn't get to taste the pie though, but it sure is nice for you to have made a few happy strangers LOL... which is the best part of Thanksgiving, really - sharing with others! What a lady you are ...a very, very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Peggy said...

Laura thanks for stopping by my blog this morning and for the good wishes. Your twofer looks perfect! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and many blessings!

Engineer Baker said...

What a perfect addition to the church bake sale! I have no doubt that they were enjoyed, they look wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you didn't get to taste this pie because it was so AMAZING. I loved it.

Cathy said...

Laura, I think I am going to get you that Anne Taintor t-shirt that says "stop me before I volunteer again!" It sounds like you may need it! Your pies looks wonderful, and how great that they went for such a good cause! I love the pic with your little helper! And yes, you KNOW that you are invited to my bash in 2024 -- umbrellas in the drinks for everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

Darius T. Williams said...

Looks great - really!!!


Natashya said...

How generous of you to donate them to a charity sale. I guess they wouldn't have sold so well with a little taste taken out of them?!
The pie looks beautiful.

kim said...

the pies look wonderful! sorry you didn't get to taste them, i hope you get to make it again -- i thought it was delicious! happy thanksgiving!

n.o.e said...

I have those "Stop me before I volunteer again" guest towels! Boy have I been where you are. Your pies look wonderful. Those crusts from the box are real life savers. I keep a box in the freezer. Maybe when things calm down you can bake this pie for yourself (and your family too!)